Student Participation Registration

Hello Gwinnett County Teens!

Are you a teen in 7th-12th grade? If yes, Revolution Teen Center is FOR YOU!

Who is Revolution Teen Center? We are a community center that provides FREE after-school programs, entertainment and special events for 7th-12th grade students.

Our CORE values? We aspire to TRANSFORM lives, PURSUE excellence, VALUE self, ACCEPT others, SHOW integrity and FIND purpose.

Our programs are uniquely designed around you in the following buckets:

CONNECT – Connect with peers and adult volunteers. Connect with community through volunteer and intern opportunities.

REAL LIFE – Life is a journey and every learned skill an opportunity for future success. Learn life skills from experienced volunteers in a safe and fun setting.

BRAINWORKS – Can’t quite figure out that problem? Need homework help? Want to grow into your leadership potential? Let’s grow together and recognize our unique value!

MIND/BODY – Take care of the body and the body will take care of you. Join us as we move and groove to find health.

EXPRESSIONS – Love to paint, draw? How about music, do you love to play and want to share in your talent? Everyone loves Karaoke, right? Join us as we find our creative streak.


We can’t wait to meet you!