Summer Wrap

We’ve had an exciting Summer so far! Would you like to see what we’ve been up to?

In June,

We welcomed our first students to the center with the opportunity to teach a challenging game of Chess!

We learned how to cultivate strong relationships, resolve conflict and how to recognize and walk away from toxic relationships in How To Avoid Falling for A Jerk or Jerkette.

Our first Friday Night event was awesome as we welcomed some of our favorite peeps who dueled with a nasty shark on PlayStation Virtual Reality.

In July,

We introduced our first GetFIT classes and are learning how to build muscle without weights! And having fun with CARDIO CARDIO CARDIO! Thank you Lori for showing us that fitness can be fun!

We beat the heat with our July Friday Night Event of Movie Night as we enjoyed watching The Greatest Showman!

Did we miss you? We will be moving from our Summer Hours to our School Hours Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:30pm Р6:30pm and Wednesdays 3pm Р5pm.

Be sure to stay ITK by checking out our program schedules. We have some awesome opportunities coming up for 7th – 12th students in Gwinnett County. Are you interested in signing up as a student? Fill out our Student Application!

2018-2019 Openings are available for our Student Advisory Board! Interested? Email

Are you in need of after-school tutoring? Email

We look forward to seeing you at Revolution Teen Center!

Well, that’s a wrap, Summer 2018! Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors for investing in today’s youth for tomorrow’s future!¬† We look forward to partnering in the fall.

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