Parents! Check out our new Video Series


Cherished Daughters and Revolution Teen Center have joined forces to create a video resource for Moms to survive the pandemic while “Quaranteening.” Cherished Daughters Mentoring Program along with Revolution Teen Center have come together to sit down and chat with area experts on topics currently impacting teens. The CDR video series is an engaging resource for moms of teen girls; however, much of the information applies to teen boys as well.

Sick of hearing?….. oh she’s a teenager that’s how they are she’ll grow out of it. What are you supposed to do until then?

We believe you can do more than just survive your child’s teenage years! We believe you can learn, grow and explore together! We don’t expect you to do it alone. No, it takes a village and we are bringing the village to you.

What if you could learn how to enjoy time with your teen again? You know not just love them but LIKE them?!

    • Healthy communication leads to more quality time with your teen.
    • Understanding the value of money leads to a more grateful child.
    • Explaining the dangers of the world outside your home leads to more acceptance of the boundaries you put in place.

We are sharing a collection of conversations with experts that will help you do just that.

Now all you have to do is:

  1. Watch our videos on Tuesdays and Thursdays on the Cherished Daughters Revolution YouTube Page.
  2. Show up to our Cherished Daughters FaceBook Group at 5:30pm after each episode and connect with other parents as well as our committed team.
  3. And ask whatever questions you have.

We are here for YOU!

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